Event Photography & Stage Photography : Central Scotland

Alloa Ballet Company & Stirling Academy of Dance - 2009 Display


Photographs of the Alloa Ballet Company and Stirling Academy of Dance dress rehearsal are now available online.

There is a large selection of jazz, ballet and tap photos for both juniors and seniors - as well as the majors and of course images from the production of Aladdin - a total of almost 400 in fact!

For those of you that have been waiting for these - thank you for your patience.  Let me know what you think of the pictures - all feedback welcomed!

**DON'T FORGET** - to access the photos you will need to know the password.  If you didn't get a keycard at today's display, then please contact Heather Shrimpton on 07774 857975 or by email at shrimpydancer@sky.com and she'll let you know what it is... 

posted 01 March 09