Event Photography & Stage Photography : Central Scotland

Digital images

In some cases I make digital files available for purchase.

For high-resolution JPG files, you will be emailed the maximum available resolution JPG file for the images you purchase. The actual resolution will vary depending on how the image has been cropped.  File sizes vary but can often be 8Mb or more.

Please note that digital images are not "instantly available" for download.  I prepare and optimise images individually for you and will email links to the images as soon as your images are ready.

Creative Commons License

My high resolution JPGs are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence under which some rights are reserved.  Basically, if you purchase one of my digital images:

  • You are granted a license to use the digital images you purchase as many times as you wish for any personal purpose.  Feel free to print them out at home, for example, or to use them to create a wall canvas or photobook for a personal gift.
  • You must give me (the original author of the work) credit - you can do this by leaving my copyright notice (embedded in the file) intact.
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes (for example, you must not re-sell the image, or re-license it for use by a third party)
  • You may not alter, transform or build upon the images to generate any derivative works.

If you would like to use the image for any of the purposes which the licence does not permit, please contact me to discuss the matter, as I can usually help.

  posted 02 June 09