Event Photography & Stage Photography : Central Scotland

About Me

Hi, I am Cameron Leask. I am a part-time photographer - here on my website many of my photographs are available to view. I have been asked in the past couple of years to take a lot of stage and event photographs, and for those who are interested in these you can view them here and buy them online too.

I also run an internet consulting business called Escrivo - based in Edinburgh we are ecommerce specialists.

I'd love to hear from you - if you have any comments or suggestions, or feedback about this site, or you would like me to photograph your event, then please do contact me.

Note for parents and event organisers:

I am a Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme member.  The disclosure certificate (dated 7 March 2013) covers four positions: ChaperoneSupervisor/Childcare, Tutor and Photographer.  Please contact me if you wish to see the certificate. 

Photographs where children are identifiable will not be made publicly available on this website - access to these photographs is protected and requires a password or "key" which is distributed as follows:

  • at the event where photographs are being taken (for example, a dress rehearsal for a dance display);
  • at subsequent related events (for example, performances of the display that was being rehearsed);
  • after the event, the password is only available via the event organiser.